Monday , February 24 2020
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Sen. Elisha Abbo Arrested for Assault

Police have sentenced Senator Elizabeth Abbo to a district court in Zuba, Abuja, for attacking a nursing mother at an adult toy store in Abuja.

Naijaforward reports, that lawmakers are expected to go to court on Monday for the Assault and criminal offense by Sen. Elisha Abbo.

Police commissioner, Police Command Bala Ciromas, confirmed to Punch that Abbo had been brought to trial on charges.

The People Democratic Party  (PDP) representing Adamawa North in the National Assembly apologized last week for his actions at a press conference. It is assumed that the video of the incident and his testimony of the incident will be used as evidence against him.

The NCWS women’s group, National Council for Women society, the leader of the FCT, refused his apology on Sunday.

This group argues for harsher punishments of abbo as a deterrent to others who attack women at work, in shops or on the market.

He also called on the United Nations and other international organizations to secure allegations against Abbo to protect themselves from future phenomena.

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