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Nigeria vs Algeria Match | AFCON Semi Finals


Nigeria vs Algeria Match Preview: Which formation do you think Rohr should use against ‘The Desert Foxes of Algeria? #SoarSuperEagles

We’re down to four egypt is such an incredible experience for fans across the globe who have followed the 2019 African Cup of Nations. There were scenes of Algerian fans in France celebrating when Algeria punched their ticket into the semi-finals of the AFCON after the defeated Ivory Coast. Nigeria to win against South Africa but it didn’t happen that way it was Nigeria to South Africa won.

How do you feel about that? good you know issues that the super eagles of nigeria, really has really being making us proud, alright before we go into the meat of the AFCON, it feels like a really good time for us to review the pre-tournament expectations that we had there were poor rankings before the tournament began and we had Egypt’s at number 1 we had Senegal at number 2 Morocco at 3 and we had Nigeria for Tunisia which was 5 and Algeria was in number 6

We’ve not done so bad when it comes to that but so when the four teams you thought would end up at this stage, I did predict that you know Nigeria will make it to the semi-final and then I also predicted or Egypt, but then I probably, knew that if Egypt was to be literally seconds ago you said absolutely and I was about giving you props for that but you knew that if Egypt are qualified to the semi-final it means there was not going to be a place for these two fighters.

I actually predicted Senegal to the Semi final stage as well as  the ivory on steam but disappointing I think two of my dreams out of the country is okay so  we’ve got Algeria we’ve got Tunisia and Senegal.

What team has impressed you the most

It has to do Jarius Odom when it has to be over because you consider their performance. You know finishing top of the group with 9 points and then going on to the round of sixteen defeat their opponents are not open to the quarter-final you know they had not even considered ego in the tournament so far and the goodie considered against us.

That’s nine dress 20% side last time they want this tournament you said the way your favorites to win this to the D tournament do you think they measure up to that 2013 theme now there are a whole lot of disparities between the Nigerian team in 2013 to the super boosting we are here in Egypt idea from 2019 but I think that this quarantine is a bit better than it seemed as we have in 2013 case being that the team in 2013 really had a very slow start in the tournament you know the Judea force game through the second and they won the last game by two penalties yeah two years ago against Ethiopia.

Nigeria vs Algeria
Nigeria vs Algeria Semi Final

But then you look at this team you know their first two matches they had six points who do you want to argue that you know the fair shots to Madagascar and then you consider the quality of opposition that if a super you know don’t forget that this same team have don’t out the reigning African champions in Cameroon and then they also defeated the Bafana Bafana of South Africa.

Yes just from that point against the South African side you know but Robin you can add take-homes from that game and what we took it with major takeaways from that game especially the view points to the og of match now it was two goes toward 90 again South Africa what do you think impressed you the most in that much was it a comeback spirit or what what itself was the strongest impression on you from that game PR the biggest impression from the for me was you know seeing that the super boost of ninja really puts a small potential you know than what we have seen so far in the tournament because it was in that much that I was able to see that truly the super juice of ninja can really link Oakley you know from the midfield open to the attack

I was able to see that you know the defense of Nigeria can really go down because if you look at that much though you can make a case that is South Africans did not really come into gear in that match you know I’ve been less than about three shots on-target what you want to see that is a good applause for the Nigerian team particularly the midfield duo or we’ve read in DDR noggin a car or a table you know really simply by the South African infidels and also we want to give kudos and credit you know to the Nigerian defense of save for the go that the South African scored we chose of a deflection from audio

I was headed into the net well many people felt will tell you that this team has not quite reached its full potential they’re just doing everything that is adequate enough for them to get into the other side do you expect to see a fully developed side in an angular Insider it’s going to be faced in Algeria do you expect them to be at the absolute best when they face the audience no Solomon do not forget that while we’re making the comparison between this team and then the team that won the Alcorn intrinsic a tantrum admission that they have a few of similarities and in the similarity I want to bring out here is you know how they grew into competitions

Because before this stage of the competition we were all here you know lamenting and then complaining of all the super boost of Nigeria I’ve really been struggling you know create simply and as well as creating chances and being able to keep it clean adabot but so far so good in the tournament you want to say that the team but really a joke you know the calm of beta despite the change in personnel by or the manager gonna drop but I feel the match against Algeria is a who feeds to be tagged as the flash of the title of The Clash of the Titans which will be because this audience I are no mean Smith by any stretch when look at the structure of their team like I said John Obama has done an incredible job with this site the way they are able to mix or play going physical where it needs to be and yeah yeah yeah pay see movement they’re fast movement of the ball and breaking that pace I think it’s been incredible at this tournaments that’s for Algeria.

So I know you’ve seen a couple of games by the audience especially that game against the I became the Iiberian side and what do you think would be the biggest worry for can roar heading into that game now the biggest worry for the nacho for me will be in terms of tactics okay change of tactics because I do not think that are the Subaru’s of nature like the personnel you know to execute us fixture and move into the final of 2019 after rather I see gannett row edit be you know the kind of touches that it would deploy do not forget that so far in the tournament although we have seen gonna show you know do a change in personnel in changing players in different matches but the challenge of the issue of always had with given a draw so far in this tournament is inability you know to switch air formations or to switch tactics as much as outgoing on you know case in point is the match against our desert africa’s you see that you know you started with a set information

Nigeria has really stepped up so far in the tournament so I feel that if the midfield of Nigeria who donates against Cameroon, if they could have done it and deliver the results against of South Africa I feel they can replicate and even a better performance.

Super eagles need to step up to their game on the right formation to tackle the match. The normal 4-4-2 formation will do,we need not be too defensive and we need not be too attack minded with them. they have very good midfielders and attackers




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