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Nelson and Thelma Get Evicted, Tacha Trends, After Eviction Show Updates #BBNaija

Nelson and Esther got evicted from the BBNaija house during the eviction last night. When asked who he thought would win the show plus the 60million naira prize money, Nelson mentioned Mike or Omashola while Thelma didn’t give an articulate response.

Ebuka also asked Nelson why he left Diane for Esther and he replied “I noticed that Tuoyo liked Diane so I allowed my guy to go for her, as for Esther, she is a strong woman. I like strong women so you have to be strong to keep me”

how viewers voted that got nelson and thelma evicted
How viewers voted that got Nelson and Thelma evicted. Source: AfricaMagic

When asked why she didn’t get involved with any male housemate in the house, Thelma said she had a boyfriend outside the house already.

Esther did shed a tear after Nelson’s eviction while the other housemates missed Thelma’s dance moves.

Tacha Trends As She Becomes The Characteristics Of A Winner

Tacha always trends for his dumbness. This time she was asked what the characteristics of a winner were and she replied, “Tacha, Tacha, Tacha”

Beauty without brains is indeed a sour sight to behold. Maybe Tacha’s brains are inside the boundaries of the tattoo below the midsection of her bosom.

Gedoni and Mercy Mend Broken Bridges

While the credits rolled up on Africa Magic Family after the eviction show, Gedoni and “Mercy Lambo” settle their differences. Gedoni also promised to be more friendly and protective of Mercy and her TV kid sister, Diane.

Note that they had a clash during the Saturday night party where Diane got drunk. Gedoni tried to make a video of Diane in her drunken state but Mercy didn’t want that to happen. This led to Mercy smashing the Oppo Phone used to take pictures around the house. That’s how the hashtag #NoMercyNoPepper was born.

While OPPO Mobile Nigeria had been sponsors of the show since the BBNaija19 show started, Mercy’s angry act made the phone manufacturers trend on Twitter. This had not happened prior to the incident. Hours before the Live Eviction show, OPPO had forgiven Mercy for smashing the powerful smartphone which costs over 100,000 naira on Jumia and so did Biggie.

Frodd tries to deny making advances at Esther, Omashola stops him

Frodd who was known to have feelings Esther tried to deny it saying he only admires. This was in relation to Omashola response to Ebuka where he said that Nelson and Frodd were taking shifts on Esther.

Omashola reminded Frodd that he enjoyed the kissing opportunities he had with Esther via the Truth Or Dare games and not forgetting the lapdance.

Veto Power Cancelled This Week

As usual, the Veto Power Challenge was held after the Live Eviction show. The task was to place a nose on the drawing of a clown while being blindfolded. Frodd and Mike refused to partake in the challenge. While the other housemates attempted to complete the challenge, Big Brother dished out series of disqualifications.

At the end of the challenge, no one seemed to complete it following Biggie’s rules hence the Veto Power Challenge got canceled for the week.

Khafi and Gedoni Had Sex Again (Video)

As soon as Big Brother put the lights out last night, Gedoni and Khafi kicked off under the duvet. First, they disturb the microphone with sounds of deep French kisses and then the duvet was seen moving up and down as Gedoni made gestures that resembled that of lovemaking. However, it was really quick and barely lasted for 60seconds. A twitter user thinks that excessive consumption of PureBliss cookies may have been the cause of his short bed dance. See Video Below…

See some Twitter reactions from last night #BBNaija


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