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MTN (AI) Artificial Intelligence | Service for Mobile Money


Lagos – MTN Group announced Friday the opening of the first mobile money service in Africa (MoMo) or “chatbot”. The President and CEO of MTN Group MTN Office, Rob Schutter, said in a statement that Direct Chat in Ivory Coast in May and will begin operations in the next few months. According to him, mobile money AI allows social payments including payments to customers of various media platforms in MTM services for MoMo, involved such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger via SMS. Banks must use technology to stay competitive – CEO of Access Bank (open in a new browser tab) He said that services will be included in time and recently the service for instant messaging “Ayoba” was launched.

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Paga recorded N1.2trn of cellular money transactions in 10 years (opened in a new browser tab). He pointed out that chatbot is a guide to artificial intelligence that helps users navigate to MoMo’s MTM services and provide more useful information. According to Shuter, innovation has used communication and artificial intelligence to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the MoMo MTN experience. “We are very pleased to bring the power of our mobile money solutions to more than 60 million customers in Africa over the next few years.” Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence can increase the interaction of MTN with customers and enable our customers to join us anytime, anywhere reaching various channels, including social networking and messaging applications. “We can also use the power of artificial intelligence to give our customers the right answers to their questions at the right time.” We are determined to improve financial inclusion through a series of solutions that address the needs of different market segments. “He said,” Although MTN has made a big step in this field, management will continue to work on its vision of MTN to become one of the biggest players in fintech. “(NAN)

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  1. Not bad though mtn be trying to lead in telecommunications with technology, well they have the money let em spend it.

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  5. Good one from mtn nigeria. Let’s see how it’s going to help in a long run

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