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Looking for accounting Jobs | Guide for Fresh Graduates

Accountant graduates have broader choices and specific ways to pursue their careers. Accounting requires a lot of skills when it comes to business. Therefore, every company has employees who have completed bookkeeping. After completing bookkeeping, you can register for all types of businesses. Areas can include taxes, audits, financial analysis, and management accounting.

Best application for a job that suits your interests and experience. There are mines that are proven by most accountants to bring them to the forefront of success, and you might want to consider joining this field.

If you are a certified public accountant, the highest position that is suitable for this ability are tax officers, advisory / management services, and HR auditors. With this position, you fulfill your reporting obligations to seniors. If you have three to six years of experience in one of these positions, you may want to apply to a higher level such as a tax expert, senior auditor, and senior consultant, where the position requires reporting directly to the manager. After six years of excellence with this herb, you can see the position of level partners and senior partners.

As a corporate accounting advantage, you have one to three years of experience in becoming employees of Internal Audit, Tax Bookkeeping, Corporate Governance, and Financial Accounting. If you rise to higher leverage after three to six years, you are entitled to higher internal audits, tax accounting and accounting. Six years later you might want to consider the position of positions such as tax managers, internal audit managers, and financial accountants.

Expertise in Financial Management, Financial Planning, Cash Management and Credit Analysis is the first level position. If you have enough experience, you can follow the finance department, credit analysis and higher financial planning. Senior positions include cashiers, credit analysis managers, and financial planners.

These career opportunities are traditional ways that according to graduates are best suited. However, this does not mean that they can only climb the ladder of success. You don’t need to limit your skills to bookkeeping. It is still recommended that you get sufficient work experience, acquire skills in various aspects of training and further enhance your character to progress with other job seekers.

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