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cheap data plan in nigeria

List of Cheap Data Bundle in Nigeria

Airtel, MTN, and GLO have introduced new formats and modes that allow you to buy a normal monthly data plan for your phone, but that includes day and night. However, there are cheap notes.

For example, before 3500 Airtel had 9GB, but then it was reduced to 7GB, but now you can budget for monthly data on the N3500 and Airtel 3500 giving you 6.5GB (can be used at 5.5GB during the day and 1GB night from 12 to 17pm). Many do not realize that I am not satisfied.
8 cheapest data plan package
That’s why FBL today chooses the cheapest data plan for their devices, gadgets like Android smart phones, laptops, iPhones, desktops, modems, and more.


WAWU Sim is another cheap data plan, but I regret that this only applies to certain countries. With Ntel WAWU Sim, where you need to register a new SIM card and have 2 SIM cards.

One with 1GB only 48 hours and the other with 10GB for 30 days.

Double data for MTN

In MTN, you might find multiple data bids that multiply your data by 100%. For example, if you subscribe to a 5GB monthly package, you will receive 5GB free which will increase to a 10GB monthly package and will not fall apart.

Presumably all MTN SIM cards are available, but for cellular phones it is better, which makes it unacceptable for most sims, but if your SIM card is unacceptable, don’t worry, there is a solution. Follow the instructions below.

Send PROMO via SMS to 131, a message such as “Thank you for your request for a set of devices 1 / day” will come, don’t worry, choose answer 1 and then package the MTN data below and subscribe.

2.5GB + 1GB MTN for N2,000

You can also check 2.5GB + 1GB for N2000, among other things, I would think that this is the best data plan package for all devices. This only applies to MTN customers.

If you are interested, you can activate it by sending an “110” to 131 SMS. On the other hand, you can also check other MTN data packages yourself.

4GB MTN for N1000 (30 days) / 1GB for N200

Introducing the latest MTN package that allows you to activate 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200, including 250MB for N100. Select * 131 * 65 # to get started.

Airtel double data

I am still rocking this on my Airtel Sim, including my brothers and sisters, but that is not acceptable for all Airtel Sim cards. Some of my friends are not official, and unlike MTN, there are no arrangements that give them the right to do so.

You can buy a new SIM card to check out, but hopefully it will run 50/50. Airtel Double Data Bonus provides 100% of your subscription data as a bonus. If you subscribe to Airtel 5 GB, you will get an additional 5 GB, giving you 10 GB of data for one month.

You can get a new Airtel SIM card to check it yourself. To check whether your SI is acceptable, you can press * 144 #. You will receive a message such as:

However, in most cases this will not be displayed, so you may be forced to try it by subscribing to a lower data package to verify that the SIM card meets multiple data requirements.

Airtel 3GB for N1000

This is another low-cost data plan for Airtel users, where a 3GB monthly rate can only be used for N1000. This package is easily activated if you are interested. Then press * 431 #. To register credit, press * 140 #.

Please note that this package works on almost all devices that contain your smartphone. You might want to check out Airtel Youtube Stream which you can get 4.5GB with N1k and 19GB with N4k. You can call * 323 # and follow the prompt. Well, the expiration date is 30 days, just like a normal monthly plan.

Glo Monthly Data Plan

You all know that Glo Nigeria has finally reduced its data, but prices have remained normal. Previously, you could get 2GB with the N500, with 1000 3.2GB and with 2000 7.5GB, but now everything has changed.

500 to get 1GB for 14 Days
mobile photo

1,000 to get 2GB for 30 days
2000 to get 4.5GB for 30days
2,500 to get 7.2GBGB for 30days

Well, it’s not too bad that Glo’s schedule is still good and good compared to the latest changes in the schedule day and night MTN and Airtel.

9Mobile 1GB / 1.5GB for N200

Because changes in ownership and transformation took place between / from Etisalat and / 9mobile, one of the biggest benefits of each of them liked the 1 GB data for the N200 without changes.

9mobile 1GB for the N200 Offer is valid for 3 days. But did you know that you can really get 5GB for N1000 if you subscribe again at the end of each package? Select * 929 * 10 #.

There is 9mobile 4.5GB for N500 – click HERE and

There are also 9mobile 1.5GB for 200 – click the same HERE


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