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Instagram New update puts ‘influencers’ inside your feed – even when you don’t follow them

INSTAGRAM publishes the “influential” release in your feed – even if you don’t follow it.
Facebook companies are now updating applications so advertisers can pay to promote their branded content.

So, if you only follow friends and relatives, these influential people can appear on your feeds.

When branded ads appear in Instagram feeds or stories, other users will see “paid partnerships with” in publications.

Instagram confirmed this change in a blog post after the update was discussed earlier this year.
“One of the brand’s biggest requirements is the ability to include marked content in their advertising strategies,” the newspaper said.

Currently, posts that appear on your Instagram channel are only the people you follow, as well as some advertisements that appeared last year.

But now celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian may appear in your problem, even if you don’t follow them.

The Browse tab is the only way to show recommendations for other posts with content that you might like.
That happens when brands try to overcome reach consumers who “will inspire visually and help audiences find and buy products,” said the Instagram promotion site.

“With branded content advertising, companies have the ability to talk about their brands through their voices, reach new audiences, and measure impact,” Instagram said.

“When these ads appear in feeds and stories, Paid Affiliates are displayed with the brand name of each post.

Celebrities get a large number of branded content releases from millions of followers.
For your problem, they will begin to appear “in the coming weeks” and expect “stories” to see it “in the coming months.”

Earlier this year, the government decided that celebrities and social media users should explain when they support products, pay or give gifts online.

British stars such as Alexa Chung, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding, are among the sixteen celebrities considered by the authorities because they contradict guidelines by the Authority for Competition and Market Authority (CMA).

Now celebrities must clearly show, legally, hashtag #ad, #sponsored or #freebie every post.

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