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How will I make Money with Adsense in Nigeria?

If you look at the Google AdSense program, you might be wondering how much you’ll make with adsense, and you might think you can’t do as much as you can with traditional ad schedules.

Of course, Google has a lot of privacy about how many advertisers pay for every click that is targeted to your site. This is also how many AdSense publishers create their websites.

Although nothing is official, the Internet is spreading rumors about the amount of money that sites can generate with AdSense. And many people show (illegally) how much they do with AdSense. There are stories of people who make more than Three Hundred Thousand Naira N300,00 a month with AdSense.

There are stories about people above N300,000 per month, but it’s rather difficult to believe stories like that. The truth is, if you have a small website and just want to follow it and you don’t want to cover your maintenance costs, you might be able to do it with AdSense.

AdSense is also good for people who receive multiple sites. Although these pages don’t generate a lot of traffic, every click counts and you can make a lot of money with it. And that only proves that sometimes quantity is as important as quality take note, lots of contents without value is nothing.

How to make Money with Adsense

You don’t know how much money you make with Google AdSense, but you can say something for yourself before you start by considering several aspects.

First, the number of visits you receive every day. Although there is no way to estimate this, you can usually make a statement with confidence that you will make money with lots of clicks per day.

It also depends on the niche of your site is. If your website is about something very popular (music, trends or whatever), you need to get a lot of banner clicks. They are given a coefficient, clickthrough rate (CTR).

In other words, this technically means that when many visitors comes to your site, click on ads, you make more money. The best way to do this is to have popular content on your site by providing links that direct users to popular elements.

Of course there is space and the number of ads on your website. Even though you don’t want to overdo it, many links will definitely generate more income for you as a site owner. But don’t think that if you only add a lot of ads to an important part of your site, visitors can always skip it (and make sure many do it) sounds crazy right?, but knowing that this is a website maker and / or a webmaster can do a lot to increase AdSense income.

In the end, the amount you get with AdSense depends on many factors. However, if you have a website with interesting content and / or many pages, and you see constant traffic every day, you can bet that you make a lot of money from AdSense.

Even if you are not included in the above category, AdSense is still worth it, because there is little difficulty in making it in Nigerian websites without adsense, although you can still make it with affiliate marketing, and often helps to support the website financially, while a good bonus for the end of the month is

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