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How to Revove Annoying Ads from your Devices

Remove unwanted advertisements, popups and malware

Well this is mostly caused by apps that has malware or advertisements (ads) on it.

To stop this unwanted ads from showing on your phone do the following :

  • On the notification πŸ”” of the ads on your notification bar,
  • Click and hold the notification, you would see something like this in the image below. This would enable you know the particular app that is causing the ads. Stop ads and notifications
  • You can toggle the notification off, or go staring to settings – apps and Uninstall the app ASAP.
  • Almost you can download adbloker from play store or elsewhere. This would automatically block ads from your phone entirely. This would work without root.
  • New pop-up ads and tabs woundΒ  disappear

The Chrome home or search engine will change without your permission
Unwanted Chrome extensions or toolbars keep coming back
Your browser has been kidnapped and transferred to third party sites or advertisements Warn messages about infected viruses or devices
Avoid unwanted software in the future just by downloading files or visiting websites that you know are safe.

Step 1: Remove the problematic application
On an Android phone or tablet, press and hold the power button on the device.
Touch and hold the Turn Off screen. Your device starts in safe mode. At the bottom of the screen, “Safe Mode” is displayed
Remove the most recently downloaded applications one by one.

Tip: To save the application that you deleted so you can add it again, make a list.
Restart the device normally after each deletion. Verify that deleting this application has solved the problem.
After you delete the application that caused the problem, you can add another application that you deleted.

Step 2: Protect your device from troubled applications
Make sure the Play Protection feature is turned on:
Open the Google Play application for your Android device.
Press Menu Menu and then Play Security.
Turn on the security threat scanner.
Think about buying and downloading malware protection applications like Malwarebytes.

Step 3: Stop notifications from certain websites
If you see an annoying website notification, please disable the permission:

Open the Chrome application on your Android phone or tablet.

Open a web page.
To the right of the address bar, click More Others, then click About Info.

Touch Site Settings.
Under notification πŸ”” ,
If “permission” or “notification” is not displayed, there is no notification on the site.
Turn off settings.

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