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How to Properly Install Invision Power Board Community

How to Properly Install Invision Power Board Community.

In this Article you are going to learn how to properly install Invision Power Board Community in your CPANEL Hosting.

First and foremost you will have to purchase the license it’s not much though, so after downloading the files as zip. Locate it make sure you know the location in your computer. Follow the next steps carefully.

Go to your cpanel, navigate to file manager,
Locate public_html, you may see some files there, all you need to do is create a folder name BACKUP, move all the files you met there to the folder “BACKUP”

On the public_html, you should see only a folder BACKUP

Now use FTP or Cpanel to upload the zip in this location public_html

After uploading, extract the files, it would be extracted to a folder ips 4. Blah blah..

One more step open the folder but now it’s in the location public_html/ips4, you’ll see the files but you still have to to move it make to public_html or to the location of your domain in the file manager.

If you have followed the steps correctly. Then continue to the installation.

Enter your domain name on web browser, you should see a Invision Community page telling you to start installing.

MySQL Creating a Database Name
Let’s I forget go to cpanel, navigate to mysql, create a database name
Then create a a username and a password.

Allow access to database by the user. List of permissions would pop up please check all of it.
Click save.

Continue Installing, at the database page follow the instructions.

Localhost leave it as it is

Enter your database username
Eg nairasoutce_admin2

Enter your Password

Enter Database name

You’ll see your domain name at the end. Cool leave like that

Click on continue
If you get an error message that means you didn’t get it right.
Read carefully again

Once you are done with that, navigate

Note: IPB will check if all the server requirements are met:

If you find it difficult, please use the comment below, I am always online I’ll definitely give you a response.

If you have any contributions feel free to share your thoughts.

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