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How to Check Jamb Slip and Jamb Result

Now Jamb Examination slip Printing 2019 is out, people are rushing to get theirs printed ASAP! But some don’t actually know to go about it, here is a simple steps to follow to Re print Jamb Examination Slip Visit JAMB’s official examination-slip printing page examination-slip printing page Enter your Jamb registration Number/email/ phone Number, then the click print examination slip. Don’t forget to enable pop up on your browser. You can now go ahead to print your exam slip. The link above is the official jamb reprint portal or retrieval portal

How to Check your Jamb Result

Now results is out!! But you can check your result yourself by following this

To check it, send ‘Result’ to 55019

link Don’t wait for anyone to help you check your UTME jamb results, now that you know how to do it yourself . Be the first to check your result. Good luck 🤞 Meanwhile, you can check how Nigerians makes legit money on the Internet

Jamb Mock

Jamb mock is not really compulsory, but candidate can opt in for it, this mock is meant to prepare you for the Jamb Examination. So that you will not only practice but to also show you how the jamb computer based Test CBT is. This is in fact a good idea Jamb has introduced. This has really helped candidates.

How To Pass Jamb Examination
Of course you have to read your books, required syllabus and recommended English novels. But that’s not all. You need some other vital info to help you go through. That’s exactly what I would be coaching you on today. Firstly, you need to reverse your notes, Get information from your friends about the exam, and go for group reading, tutorials.

Get a personal time table for yourself, make sure you follow it up.

Understand how the CBT exam goes, you can get a free CBT software here. For PC users only. Android free CBT practice coming soon.

Before going for the exams prepare your self on what you are going to meet there.

I always advise my Jambites to always finish their exams before time. As this would enable them cross check their work properly.

Always know the total numbers of questions on each subject. And please don’t spend too much time on questions you don’t know, answering the ones you know would save your time, you would come back to the ones you were not too sure about. At least you have answered the once you knew understand the logic it works a lot.

Make sure you don’t click the submit button unless you are through with everything. Take note.

If you follow this advice and steps you’ll definitely PASS your Jamb Exam with ease.
Don’t forget to Pray too. God Helps a lot. Prayer is a master key.


Good, you probably have this question in mind then you have pass to a cut off mark your University / Polytechnic / Monotechnic College of Education. Well that’s right I’ll give you all the info you you’ll be needing to understand how the system works, you don’t need to ask random questions from people and still get confused. Here I’ll give you all the information you need to know I am still open for questions at the comment section of this post.

Change of Course and Institution.

After results, some candidates would want to change their jamb course or institution or both. To do this login to your Jamb e facility on log in find correction of date and click on change of course and institution. You’ll be required to pay N2500 for the service. You can pay with your debit/ credit card Visa and MasterCard preferably otherwise you can print a remita slip to the bank to pay over the counter.

After the payment is made, you’ll be asked for your Jamb reg number and exam year. When done print your it in color. If you don’t have a printer you can same it to your phone or a flash drive take it to a business center to have it printed. This would save you some money.

You can do this yourself if you want to, don’t be scared try it and learn it that’s why we are here for you.
School cut off marks.
Normally jamb sends all candidates details to their respective school of choices. Your school would release a jamb cut off mark to qualify you for the individual courses.
Want to know the cut off marks for your school click here.


If you are talking about this then you have passed the cut off marks and ready for post ume. This cost N1, 000. You can do it yourself or go to the cyber cafe to have it done for you.

Print print it log in on with your email address and password. Go to result slip printing. You’ll be required to input your Jamb registration Number and exam year.

You can pay with your credit or debit cards. Or print the payment page containing your remita code. Take this to the bank pay and return to the website for printing.

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