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How to Get Free Data on Flaim

STEP 1: Activate the 750 MB FREE data plan on your network. Please download the Flaim Mobile Android Application HERE

Step 2: When done, click “STEP FIRST” and accept all permissions from your Android device.

STEP 3: Enter the desired telephone number on the next page and press the “CHECK SEND CODE” button.

STEP 4: Then enter the verification code sent to you on the Flaim Application screen and you will be automatically verified in the application.

STEP 5: After successfully registering, you can enter your USERNAME status and upload your image.

That is all! 750 MB of your data is automatically sent to your telephone number when you register for the application.

As shown below:

It’s good, is not it? Now you can press * 131 * 4 # to check your MTN data plan. If Airtel, press * 140 # and for Glo send STATUS to 127. Finally, just press * 228 # for 9mobile.
Yes, since you received the first data. You can register with more Nigerian numbers for more free 750MB data. If you know about all the tricks to generate data in the application, you can also apply it to demarcation.

If you can forward 5 other friends to the application, you will still receive a 750MB data plan. You can copy your link to the link by first inviting one of your contacts.

I hope you receive free data for the Flaim Mobile application. What is your question If there is a problem, please ask for a solution in the comments section.

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  1. I got the data from this app too but people I referred keep complaining that they either didn’t get the verification code or the data at all.

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