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How to get Adsense Approval for Youtube 100% Legit

If you ask me to answer this in just two words, I will say: original content. That would be the first thing i would say if you ask me anyway. But here i am writing a detailed information

To get approval

Just post the original video that you made, make sure they get several views (1000); then it is quite applied.

Make sure your videos and channels are not banned by Google Adsense content, so you will be fine.

A list of prohibited content can be found at the following link: Prohibited Content.

I think you mean how to activate monetization on your YouTube account, right?

It’s rare for people to ask, as approved by the Google YouTube channel, and you see lots of questions on the blog and site approval. To shorten, you can approve the YouTube channel in just 2 hours. Yes, seriously, I have done that before. This is something to do.

disable youtube commentsyoutube photo

  1. Visit
  2. Click the account authorization option in the sidebar.
  3. Now upload the video and you must activate the ad in settings.

That’s it!

As for the monetization of Adsense for Youtube, it gets short when it comes to profits (usually only 2-3 for $ 1K views) and YouTube supports most of the revenue from their videos with 45% Blogger.

AdSense permission to get Youtube channels is not as easy as they accept the requirements of 10,000 broadcast channels up to 4000 hours and 1,000 customers have changed contributions (YouTube introduced new rules for Adsense approval). But that is for their condition, but if you want adsense permission only what checks your content, how much is the original? The AdSense approval key is original content.

If you want to advertise the Google AdSense channel on Youtube, you can upload your own content from videos and activate monetization. And now one day YouTube & adsense monetization change their policies so that 10,000 should be seen in your video after Google AdSense has previewed videos and channels. You then send an email to your approved Gmail account.

AdSense approval with 4,000 hours watch time on my YouTube channel?

As you know, YouTube’s monetization changed the rules on January 17.

For new Youtuber, and for old Youtuber, as a new user, you now have to get 1,000 subscribers, 4000 hours and watch in 12 months to activate your channel monetization.

If you do this within 12 months of your channel, your activation is complete and you can make money on YouTube.

You are an old YouTuber, that is. You have created a channel on YouTube and activated your channel monetization, but 1,000 customers and 4000 hours you have not finished, or one of these messages has not been completed. 4000 hours The time is up, but 1000 customers are not ready and vice versa. Then turn off monetization and turn it on photo

1. Trends.

If there is a trend in your niche, jump immediately and discuss it in the video.

For example, I made a video when YouTube introduced new income requirements.

As a result, I have accumulated many hours for new watches and customers.

Use a website like Google Trends to find trends in your niche.

2. live streaming.

The nice thing about life is that people spend more time on your videos than on regular videos.

This is because the interaction takes place in real time.

This is the best way to track hours quickly.

3. Get to know your target audience.

If you don’t create content that the viewer wants to see, you can immediately leave the video.

4. Concentrate on keywords.

One of the best ways to get to know your target audience is to find out the type you type in the search engine. So enter your main keyword in the Google or YouTube search box and get some suggestions. When you make a video of this suggested keyword, your video will be found in the search engine.

5. Increase upload frequency.

The more you upload new videos, the more hours you see and the more customers you are interested in.

For example, if you only upload one new video per week, you will not attract many customers and you will not collect many hours to watch.

However, if you regularly increase to two or three times a week, you will have more customers and more hours to collect watches.

6. Increase targeting.

This refers to the time when the viewer stays busy with your video.

The longer your video is displayed, the longer you will see.

Review current audience involvement for your videos by saving YouTube Analytics viewers.

If your average audience involvement is less than 50%, you can increase it.

7. Always buy real views and avoid bad views

In this way, you get a lot of opinions that don’t always help.

If you want to buy display time, make sure you really get the display time, and the time this display actually takes place.

YouTube filters and rejects fraudulent views by reducing viewing time, regardless of how long your opinion is, and can even punish your channel if you think you are buying a bad view.

8. Reorder your video content.

Why not just change your content to expand your audience instead of promoting your video on social media sites?

For example, you can embed your video on your website.

You can provide solutions to people who ask questions in forums and groups by providing links to your videos related to their questions.

Formula to get the 4000 hrs Watch Time

You need 4000 hours for display. You also need 1000 subscribers too. There are no exceptions

These indicators are not arbitrary. This is the rate at which the actual number of reviews is enough to be paid by AdSense twice a year.


So you have to reach an audience that can make you money.
Use this method to get 4000 hours.

4000/10 = 400

Just upload a 10-hour video to my channel and get a second account to watch. In loop. Again and again.

Or maybe so.

4000/24 ​​= 167

Now you can easily do that.

If that doesn’t work or YouTube doesn’t allow you to close the video, just create 167 different accounts, one per day or even a few, and let them watch the video. Good things don’t come easily !

I am open for Questions

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