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How to Fix Adsense Valuable Inventory Under Construction

You are here because you want to solve this issue on Valuable inventory u construction.

Some thing like this

As stated in our Program policieswe may not show Google ads on pages or apps where content is unnecessarily difficult or frustrating to navigate or interact with. This includes pages or apps that are under constructionnot functioning, or lead to error messages.

How to Fix this

You have Insufficient content on your blog/website. Add more post to your site

Get Atleast 30 rich content post, for faster approval make sure your content should be 500 words each. Although some people got approved with just 20 post,with 1000 words each.

Now that you have known the problem why Google sent you that message  Go ahead and fix it.

You can now apply again after you have enough content in your site. Wish you all the best of luck.

Any questions ? Use the comments to reach out!

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