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How to Add your Site on Opera News

When you submit your blog to Opera News, Opera News users can search for the latest news from the fields of sports, technology, finance, business, politics, science, sports, military and fashion on the Web so easily you can be found.

In opera news, you will receive the latest information before anyone receives it.

Back to Top: How do I send my blog/ website to Opera News? As a blogger / site owner, you should see many sites that appear on the news feeds on Opera news feeds, if you want to open a browser and you can also add your website too by simply applying to add your site to the opera News browser.

There are currently no applications / forms to fill to apply for inclusion of the opera news app. Applications for delivering news from the opera will be sent via email. Email applications is the only available method to apply for inclusion in opera news app.

To Apply for Inclusion in opera News

  1. You must write an article stating that you want to submit your site to Opera News Feed.
  2. Include your site url and the news category, for example,
  3. Include most your relevant categories relating  to news, technology etc.
  4. Makes sure you have a reasonable traffic on your site before applying, else after review, you’ll get declined
  5. Website must be responsive.
  6. Write your  and send the message to

Your site will then be reviewed and you will receive an answer if your site is suitable for Opera News or Not

What if I was Declined

No worries, you can always improve on your site and traffic, then you can reapply. Opera News may state reasons why your site was declined, which ever reasons got, theirs always a room for improvements.

With articles on your site appearing on Opera News, your site can gain popularity and traffic. Now you know how to send your blog to Opera News.

Any questions? Share your experiences and doubts in the comments section. 

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