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How my Friends Makes Legit Money in Nigeria

What can I do to make money?

About 86.45% of Nigerians have this question  on their head, even me, after my graduation from the University I was  stucked with this question too on how to make money, because in our country getting a job with your Degree is 50/50. So I keep doing research for a long period of time just to get my direction towards success, sounds easy to you? It actually not. I am going to introduce to you what few Nigerians do to make money. This article is based on legit ways to make it on every aspect but Not limited to Nigerians only.

Making money online

I enjoy writing about this because I have been successful on this path and I am still doing it, I started 2011 trying make money online, it wasn’t a success, I almost gave up, I call it HUSTLING just to keep my morals high so I could keep pushing. I am not here to tell stories but to Educate you on how you too can make it in the online community of BUSINESS IDEAS of Money making.


Facebook being one of the Top 5 most visit websites in the world today, almost every country in the world use facebook.com.

My Friend Racheal makes 100k monthly using Facebook ads in Nigeria, and it’s even small to compare with what my very closest friend Zanx makes, he earns 250k monthly, sounds interesting right? OK now let me burst your brains and show you how it works.
Like I say all this methods are legit ways to make money, you wouldn’t find illegal means here, stop reading if you are looking for quick money schemes or free money. Proceed if you are ready to be among the successful earners in the internet market today!

So moving forward, these smart guys earns this Facebook money simply by selling a product and advertising it through Facebook ads and boom! The money comes out. Let me go deeper for your understanding. Zanx started very small, He did his research and discovered Pink lips balm products is in high demand by Nigerians but are only in few places.


He got 20pcs of Pink lips balm at a wholesale price for the rate of N550. He placed an ad on Facebook of $5 campaign daily to advertise the products to reach thousands of people so as to get orders.  He targeted Abuja and other states around that zone, just to have a fast and efficient  delivery when orders start to  come. The whole country if you are capable of handling deliveries.

After placing the ads just before 24hrs, there was already 3 orders waiting him
One at Nasarawa, another at Abuja and the third one in Suleja Niger State am serious I can’t joke with something like this. I forget to mention, His selling Price was 2k. From his home he was able to deliver to his customers. Within a week he was able to sell all  the 20pcs, and still have orders pending.

So dear readers, the idea is to get a product of high demand but are limited in the market. My friend continued with other products and tripled his income.

What is required? 

  • A Facebook account
  • Facebook advertising account, you get it using Facebook
  • A Facebook page

The above requirement is the basics.
If you want to move forward in becoming a pro on Facebook ad marketing like my friend Zanx, you should follow the next steps

Sales Page – Recommended 

Is it getting complicated? Don’t worry, my steps are easy to understand. A sales page is a page that describes what you are selling online this includes the price, quality and quantity, most especially how to order the product.

Create a website, it doesn’t need to be professional, but what is required is to get sales page, you can hire someone to do that for you, it won’t cost you much.
Or contact me for assistance.

This sales page/link is what your  customers would see when they click on the ad u previously created. The pages contains a form where the customer enters his names, address/ location and quantity, you can add more fields and  you can  integrate online payment gateway, but I don’t recommend it because Nigerians hardly trust stuffs like that. Pay on delivery would be better, depending on how you want your payment to be, use your best judgment.


Nigeria bloggers have 28.6% success rate, why because they don’t write. Please don’t believe in plagiarism, I am a victim too I starting my first blog in 2008, but it was a failure I didn’t knew much about blogging, i didn’t want to write, I copy and paste thinking that’s what blogging was all about, until I started to rip all the consequences.

I encourage quality contents and you know  that’s where the money is.
If you are too busy to write then hire someone for guest posting, they’ll help you do the Job.
Contact me if you need a guest post on your blog/ website.


Finding a niche is not easy, but if you are relaxed and you take your time, you’ll definitely find a good niche.
Do you know that every niche is a good niche, only if you know what you are doing, and enjoys doing it.

Ask your self this questions

  1. What are you Interested in?
  2.  What topic are you very good at doing?
  3. Can you do it for fun?

If you can answer this questions, congratulations you have found your niche.


Earning with your site through Google Adsense is the most common  ways to monetize your website. To apply for it you must be a sure to :

Own a website

Have relevant pages; Updated Privacy policy, About page and contact page.
Have quality content of about 20 articles each post should not less than 800 words. I suggest 1000 words or more.

Learn how to write contents / Articles for your Blog.


Gone  are those days when people would say “stop wasting your Time on social media” forget it you to can make it happen.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

You can be That influencer that has influences over the people.


The steps are easy but the process requires hard work.
Let me start with being an Instagram influencer.

Wonder how post go viral within days and reaches thousands and millions of people?

On my next article I’ll be writing extensively on Instagram influencer

The main objective is getting Followers,
Once your followers are increasing you are getting a great chances of being and influencer.
Increase your Instagram posting with quality and unique post At least one post daily.

Brands, companies, NGOs and lots more would contact you for a campaign.
That’s how the money comes by promoting their products on you page.


Coming soon…


I mentioned it earlier in this Article.
If you are a good writer, don’t waste your talents contact website for are proposal to write for their blog / page / website. You should have bunch of articles and willing to give one for free just to sell your market.

Are you a good writer? Join Naira Source


Graphics designers are hot cake in the market today, popular ND2 Nicholas David makes cool money doing, and he enjoys it. I am so blessed with friends who has lots of skills.

This is your time to follow your passion and learn graphics today.


Yeah like know today, this skill is fast growing, and smart guys are already jumping in to it.

YouTube Page.

Are you creative, do u you produce videos, comedies, songs or more

Why wasting your time, please monetize it on YouTube, get subscribers, share it on social media.
Apply to get approve and there you go..


Therefore, a freelance is skilled person  that is  self-employed who is offering professional services to multiple clients at a time. The job  varies. most importantly Every type of service rendered is  acceptable by any business, companies etc, which can be provided by a freelancer at a cost/fee.

If you have any contribution or need more information feel free to use the comment section below
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