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bbnaija pepper dem gang

BBNAIJA 21 Housemates Profiles 2019

You are welcome in another interesting session to be fully informed by NaijaForward. If you are looking for biographies of BBNaija roommates for 2019 pepper dem gang, you have come to the right place, because we will provide everything you need. BBNaija 2019 pepper dem

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The most frequently asked question on our blog is Big Brother Naija Housemates pictures. In response, we have decided to compile all candidate biographies / profiles, names and ages for 2019. bbnaija 2019 nominees

BBNaija 2019 Biography of Housemates

BB naija housemates profile

Here are roommates, with whom you stayed on TV for 11 weeks:

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  1. Avala                                       
    Saidat “Avala” Balogun’s highest point in her life was the birth of her daughter and her single, ‘Give me a chance’. The new singer Avala bbnaijastudied music and business at York College in Queens, New York. Avala wants the world to know her. She is very happy that he is here. Avala is not alone and is not ready to be mixed!
  2. Diane
    Diane is 23 and comes from Kaduna. She will be herself and be at home to earn money! she’s a terrible dancer, but he likes to dance. Very single.
  3. Ella
    Victoria Ella Nbabucci is no stranger to the limelight. she is the second most important artist and TV presenter, singer, actress and model. 30yrs and from Anambra. she is brilliant! Come on, say she’s alone and not available. she likes attention and doesn’t like to wear clothes.
  4. Esther
    Esther is 22 years old from Lagos. she is excited and nervous. Esther is a lawyer and employee. she’s there for everything – money, experience, pleasure!
  5. Frodd
    Frodd is 28 and Anambra. – fresh and weird. Frodd said he would be alone. He is a little complicated his not an entertainer, not an artist.
  6. Gedoni
    Ekpata Gedoni is a fashion entrepreneur who likes to be elegant. The 31-year-old Cross Riverian likes to play basketball, soccer, take a walk, and clean the house! His other talents include writing poetry and painting portraits in pencil.
  7.  Ike
    Ike is 26 and is from Imo. He was very excited and wanted to show us the show! He wants to give us drama and romance. Ike is a model and we can expect a lot of attitude from him.
  8. Isilomo
    Isilome is 27 from Edo state, and she likes adventure. she wants to have fun.
  9.  Jackye
    Jackie is 23 years old and comes from Anambra. she is also here because of money. she is engage. Jackie says she’s a chameleon. I will get many followers.
  10. Jeff
    jeff bbmaijaJeff is 30 and comes from Anambra. Igbo boy, so calm. He wants to have fun and have problems with women. Jeff said he had no strategy. He is not married
  11. Khafi
    Khaffi is a police officer! Officer Khafi Karim believes that you can have everything if you believe in yourself. she not only hopes to win cash prizes, she also wants the exhibition to take place at Big Brother Naija’s house so she can promote the common good.
  12. Kimophra
    Kimophra is single and affordable. she wants to expect a lot of manipulation and sarcasm. Kimophra is here for experience and money. she wants to invest and educate herself.
  13.  Mercy
    Mercy Eke, 26, is a video and business women from Lagos. Cook, swim, travel and love dancing. Apart from her failure, Mercy always gets up and does everything with her strength. she is here to win money.
  14. Mike
    Mike Edwards is a husband, CEO and athlete who cannot give up. The highest point in his life is the day he married the love of his life. Mike owns Black’s first cigar track in England and is a professional athlete.
  15. Nelson
    Nelson is 26 years old and comes from the river. It’s single and very accessible! Nelson is a masseuse and left Mr. Universe Nigeria.
  16.  Omashola
    The model and Omashola businessman were originally from Delta State, but now call Lagos home. He likes to play basketball, cook and “is in the water, even though I can’t swim”. The Omashola said he talked a lot. “Warry can’t survive.”
  17. Seyi
    Seyi is 30 from Ogun. He is known as a doctor! Seyi is not single and is not available. Is he already married? He is here for experience! Seyi is the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo. He’s here to enjoy himself.
  18. Mr. Dee
    Sir Dee is 28 years old and comes from Kogi. He is here for money and experience. Sir Dee is a banker and his boss does not know that he is on Big Brother Naija.
  19. Tacha
    Tacha is 23 and river. She can’t wait to show the world to herself. She likes to make money. Tacha is a social media Sensation. She’s bringing herself, she says – she’s real, interesting. bbnaija 2019 tatcha
  20. Thelma
    thelma bbnaijaThelma is 26 from Imo. She will steal the house! She is here for experience and money. That she’s not single!
  21. Tuoyo
    Tuoyo is 24 years old and enjoys working out. He is flirtatious. Tuoyo is also a psychotherapist, short worker and fitness trainer.
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