Monday , January 27 2020
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Airtel Data Line Manager Alternative| All in One

Introducing a new alternative Airtel data manager that allows customers to launch data packages to check data balances for all their devices directly from one device. After introducing the Airtel Binge plan

Even though we are still waiting for Airtel Nigeria to publish good data offerings, they are here with the Data Line Manager.

In short, with Airtel Line Manager Data, you can easily subscribe to data on any device (such as Mifi, Router, Modem, etc.) on your mobile by pressing *370#.

Using Airtel Data Manager

  1. First press *370# on your mobile. You will see a list of options for registering the data path selected, listed, and activating the data path.
  2. Then enter the registration number.
  3. After entering and subscribing to line A, you can see in line B whether you have registered it.

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