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Tacha bbnaija

5 things About Tacha you Wished you had Known- bbnaija

Trending tacha, what you must know. 1st Port Harcourt lady.

  1. Tacha fought for woman equality
  2. Tacha was the only lady who did not nominate any lady
  3. Tacha does not gossip 
  4. Tacha forgave thelma & didn’t nominate her even though thelma nominated her 
  5. Tacha is all about woman even though the very same woman hate her. #BBNaija #Tacha

Tacha bbnaija

“I want Tacha or Omashola to win.” – Isilomo “I want Tacha to win. A girl should win.” – Avala

Avala describes the Housemates in one word.

Sir Dee – Safe

Mike – Gentleman

Frodd – Fraud (LMAO)

Diane – Sweet

Tacha – Fierce

Seyi – Caring

Ike – Crook

Esther – Sexy

Kim – Fake or Plastic

Omashola – Mad Man.

Want to keep Tacha in the #BBNaija House?

Make sure you use all 400 Votes and Vote via SMS, mobile site, desktop site and either the




Voting closes tonight at 21:00 WAT.

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  1. I just like her, tatcha is representing Port Harcourt either ways. Haters should stay back.

  2. Tacha tatcha, I like her though, who’s being trending like her? No one you see that’s the vibes. Even if she got evicted no one is going to replace her.

  3. Tatcha is overrated, she hot to go biggie doesn’t even need her in bbnaija. Anyways it’s all for the fame and fun. She come out of bbnaija and become famous.

  4. Tatcha is just too rude, imagine yesterday she couldn’t dance to a port Harcourt song the dj was playing in the house. All she dose was just to sit down and be forming boss. Tatcha my foot jare

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