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News Panda is not a Reliable Scheme

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Wondering if you would ever get paid in this platform? Okay then here is the only place you’ll find out the possibilities. Or you ever wondered if there’s payout every month like it’s being talked about?
Enough with these questions, let’s go ahead in finding out what you are here for. was registered February 16th, 2019. Approx. 2 months as at the time of this post.

Newspanda claims to be an online income contributors and believe in the interest of the majority of top reliable sources. On issues regarding to politics, entertainment, education and more.

They render advertisements to publishers by placing ads.

I recently reviewed B-Alert

How they make their Money. not different from the fallen NNU platform that had fallen fews months ago. They earn from Affiliate marketing, one time N1000 registeration fee payable by members signing up for the pay per click investment income. Just like NNU. Also earns from Adsense.

If you know how NNU started and gone. You’ll definitely know how this would definitely end.

Newspanda is not a long term income program to be relied on as several site who had followed that step in the past didn’t last long. Now the choice is yours.

If you ever have any questions to ask pertaining clarity and more information on please use the comment section.

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